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Vegan Village Recipe Book
Basics | Starters | Mains | Puddings

Vegan basics

Vegan cooking is so easy once you get the hang of it! These are vegan versions of basic recipes, including Vegan Pancakes.

Sauces and gravy

Balsamic Dressing

Delicious salad dressing made with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and coriander.

Bread Sauce

Uses soya milk and soya cream for non-traditional traditional Christmas lunches!

French Dressing

A lovely, tangy dressing with red wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and garlic.


Tasty vegan gravy, using store cupboard ingredients.

Tartare Sauce

You'll need capers, parsley and vegan mayo to make this one.

Tomato Sauce

Easy basic sauce which can be dressed up for any occasion.


Simple vinaigrette made with olive oil and white wine vinegar.

White Sauce

Uses vegan margarine and soya milk to make a versatile sauce.

Salad and rice

Vegan Coleslaw

Uses vegan mayo in place of egg mayo to make tasty coleslaw.

Carrot Salad

Grated carrots with pine kernals, tossed in fresh orange juice.

Rice Salad

What to do with that left-over rice? Make a rice salad of course!

Saffron Rice

A delicious accompaniment to roast or grilled veggies, this dish uses cardomum pods, pine kernals and pistchio nuts.

Sweetcorn Rice

Easy side-dish to go with veggie stews.


Almond Porridge

Oats and almonds make a great vegan start to the day.


See also vegan sandwich ideas and the food and drink section for links to lots more vegan recipe websites.

Pancakes and pastry

Vegan Pancakes

These vegan pancakes use soya milk and soya flour in place of dairy and eggs.

Vegan Pastry

Quick and easy pastry using vegan margarine - good for pies.


Vegan bread

Delicious seeded loaf, made using a breadmaker for the dough.


Cashew Treats

A quick and easy homemade alternative to salted peanuts.

Fried Tofu

A handy side dish or snack, made with tofu and sesame oil.

Oven-baked Croutons

Crunchy croutons cooked in olive oil and herbs.


Great for soups and stews, made using flour and oil.

Chilli Topping

Spicy topping to heat up soups and stews, with chilli, garlic and ginger.


Stuffing mixture made into patties and fried - great with gravy and roast veggies.

Red Cabbage (Danish Style)

Stewed red cabbage and cooking apples, flavoured with white wine vinegar and redcurrant jelly.

Salt & Pepper Tofu Topping

Small cubes of tofu with seasoning, great for adding to chillies and pasta dishes.


Banana Shake

Delicious vegan version of a thick milk shake, uses soya milk and vegan ice-cream.

Raw Juice

Amazing raw juice drink (you'll need a juicer for this recipe).

Strawberry Shake

This recipe uses almond milk and vegan ice-cream.

Vegan Cola Floats

It's that vegan ice-cream again!