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Vegan Village Recipe Book
Basics | Starters | Mains | Puddings

Vegan starters

Easy, quick and delicious! These vegan starters for all occasions mostly use fresh veggies, with just the occasional 'special' vegan ingredient.


Avocado with Raspberry Vinaigrette

Delicious, easy starter using fresh avocado and tinned raspberries.

Onion Bjhaji

Vegan bhajis made with a gram flour batter and seasoned with fresh coriander and chilli.


Carrot and Coriander Soup

A thick, creamy soup made with fresh coriander. Yum!

Carrot and Orange Soup

A light and refreshing soup made with fresh oranges.

Creamy Broccoli Soup

Incredibly quick and easy, this soup uses masses of fresh broccoli and a hint of fresh ginger.

Parsnip and Butterbean Soup

A lovely, creamy, makes-you-feel-good soup, great on cold days, made with fresh parsnips and a tin of butterbeans.

Raw Soup

Although this is called raw soup, it is slightly cooked. It makes a great pick-me-up when you have a cold or flu.

Spiced Potato Soup

A lovely creamy soup which includes parsnips and sweet potato.

Spicy Parsnip and Apple Soup

A very quick soup, easy to make, slightly spicy and very tasty.

Sweetcorn Chowder

Delicious, thick chowder with heaps of sweetcorn and a hint of nutmeg.

For a huge selection of vegan soups see the soup section of the USA-based VegWeb website.


Dips and pates

Avocado Dip

A tasty, garlicky dip using fresh avocados.

Bean Paté

A very quick and versatile paté, can also be used as a tasty dip or a sandwich filling.

Black Olive Paté

This is a quick and easy recipe using tinned olives. Great for a quick snack or light supper.

Butterbean Brandade

For this hot starter you'll need some soya cream, black olive paté and a fresh baguette.

Butterbean Dip

This delicious dip uses fresh basil and nutritional yeast flakes which give a slightly cheezy flavour.

Hot White Dip

This is easy to make using store cupboard ingredients. It is delicious served with potato wedges.


Make your own with a tin of chickpeas, some tahini, garlic and fresh lemon juice.

Mushroom Paté

Tasty paté made with raw mushrooms, pine nuts, a touch of tahini and fresh parsley.

Potato Wedges with Garlic Mayo

Delicious roasted potato wedges. You'll need vegan mayo for the garlicky dip.

Zippy Parsley Dip

A tangy, smooth dip made with fresh lemon juice and a touch of tofu.