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Vegan homepages

Steve Hutton lives with the Wildwood Witches. Phil in Manchester creates Impressive Food!
Mary-Anne Mills makes vegan body scrubs in Wales. Kelvin Dodds designs vegan themed shirts.
Kip writes the Messy Vegetarian Cook blog. Ruth Norbury is an artist in Swansea.
Visitors from America - Tofu's What the Hell does a Vegan Eat Anyway blog, Howard Kreuse's VeganJobs and Joseph Puentes' podcast project. Mitsu and Sasha have created a guide to vegan living called To Happy Vegans!
Paul Stone's website is all about the benefits of a vegan diet for diabetics. Jay Dave's website has some great videos of his modern indian cooking.
Katherine Lubar creates striking modern art at her studio in London. Miles Halpin is a talented sculptor based in Derbyshire.
Sarah Moynihan is an artist in Lancashire and paints animal portraits. Ryan Vance is a vegan filmmaker.
Hazel Ward makes buttons and beads from Polymer Clay. Dorreya Wood is a children's author and illustrator.
Shari Black Velvet runs Save a Scream. The Hillidge's from Wigan have set up a national car-sharing scheme called Is Anyone Going To.
Louisa Smith has set up a Woodland Project near Scarborough. Philip Elston is a performance poet in Hampshire.
More American visitors - Wildman Steve Brill and Bob and Jenna's Vegan Freak Radio Show. Genene Edwards in London is a songwriter.
Roy Battell from Milton Keynes is creating a woodland next to his house. Derec Jones is a writer and artist in Wales.
Tony Wardle in Bristol is a grumpy old vegan! Robb Johnson from Middlesex is a singer/ songwriter.
Malcolm Horne lives in the Brynderwen Vegan Community in Wales. Alan Blackham from Nottingham works with computers.
Benjamin Zephaniah is a vegan poet and writer. More guests - Jeanine Taylor of Snooty Jewelry in America and poet Marcia Katz from New Zealand.
Liz Cook is the creator of the essential vegan nutrition chart. Tony Weston uses his blog to post vegan news from around the world.
Robin in Oxford drives a little van... Dan works in Meteorology at Reading University.