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Vegan recipes

The pick of the vegan recipe websites from around the world (some of the websites use 'cup' measurements - a cup is approx half a pint).

Vegetarian Recipe Club

Viva's collection of vegan recipes, with photos and videos.

Parsley Soup (Cherry's Vegan Recipes)

Good selection of modern vegan recipes, with photos.

Vegan Recipes by Vegan Campaigns

Collection of 50+ tried and tested vegan recipes.

The Vegan Kitchen

Good selection of recipes from the Vegan Family House website.

Kate's (Vegan) Cookery Site

Popular collection of recipes from one of the longest established vegan recipe websites.

Frugal Living Recipes

Meals for under £1 per person, including nettle soup, wild garlic pesto and ice lollies!

Plamil's Recipes Page

Submit your favourite recipes and win a Plamil goody bag!

My Vegan Planet

Vegan recipes from around the world, including breakfast ideas.

Simple Vegan Recipes

40+ quick and easy vegan recipes, including an Indian section.

Cooking for Vegans

This is a handy site for would-be vegans, also for non-vegans who need to cater for vegan family or friends.

The Vegan Chef

Hundreds of delicious vegan recipes from Bev the Vegan Chef. (USA based)

The Vegan Connection Recipes

Includes fat-free vegan recipes. (USA based)


Huge selection of international vegan recipes gathered from the newsgroup. In particular, look for recipes posted by Mr Falafel.

VegWeb Recipe Directory

Huge database of vegan recipes. (USA based)

See also the food blogs and videos in homepages. To order vegan cookery books online see vegan shops.